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Shout - Meaning of Dream

The dreams about shouting are very diverse. Most of such dreams have the preventive nature and warn of impending trouble. Nearly every person who saw this dream would ask what a dream about shout can mean.

If a dreamer shouts or hears own shouting, this dream promises a difficult period of life with negative feelings. Sometimes the dream may herald the emergence of large hassle. But thanks to the careful and sober mind everything will work out, and affairs will be sorted out.

The shout of somebody else warns of possible adverse events. In general terms, the heard cry portends spontaneous decisions or fright. If you dream of bloodcurdling shout, this is a very bad sign. This may indicate the terrible news from afar or even death of a loved one. It may also be a sign of rumors and gossip. Heart-rending, loud shout of another person in a dream indicates that somebody needs your help.

If you shout of surprise, in reality you will get the help from a person in love; moreover this love is secret and hidden. If you cry of grief or fear, sometimes it is a harbinger of good and pleasant news.

If you heard crowing of the cock, this is an auspicious sign that promises a fun wedding and financial well-being. The scream of other poultry portends various difficulties and disappointments in achieving objectives or implementation plans. But if you heard the cry of livestock, it symbolizes public insult from arrogant and unscrupulous person; moreover this person acts specifically and knowingly.

If wild animals in a dream cry desperately, there is a high probability of unpleasant incident with a close person. By the way, such dreams are seen rarely, and therefore you should carefully treat their interpretations. You must be prepared to prevent possible events.

If you hear the anguished shout of people, you don’t see them but still can recognize their voices - this dream predicts numerous concerns or worries. However, they are easy to handle, if you act wisely and carefully; as a result, you will avoid possible negative consequences.

If you shout and ask for help, this is a favorable omen, only if someone made an attempt to help you. Otherwise, in reality you risk losing energy and be overtaken with depression, which will impose a negative impact on all ventures and business.

Shouting in anger or irritation a person will lose support and assistance at the very moment when he/she really needs it in reality.

If you dream of someone else shouting, it heralds the pleasure of questionable character that may trigger the onset of depression and a strained relationship with a loved one.

Screaming animals signal about possible accident that may happen to a person you know.

Thus, many dreams, which are based on overheard or seen shouting, portend adverse decision or the appearance of negative situations in life. With rare exceptions, they portend assistance or support from others.