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Shovel - Meaning of Dream

In a modern dream book, a shovel is interpreted as a completion of a work, which organization and implementation disturbs your current affairs.

If you dug the ground with a shovel, then you are destined to avoid the need, but it requires long and hard work. If you found a shiny object in the dug pit - your life change for the better. If you didn’t find anything in the ground after digging, this dream foretells the impending failure.

If you dug a pit with a shovel but then it filled with water, it tells that in spite of your active and hard work, the affairs will not bring those results as you hoped for.

In Miller’s dream book, if you bury something in the ground with a shovel, it signifies that you have to give up on many hopes and plans.

Digging the loamy soil with a shovel on the shore tells that your detractors are strong enough to attack and harm you. If a shovel is stuck in the layer of clay in the ground, it bodes that your interesting undertaking will be filled with challenges. Especially negative this dream is for women. She can do something wrong, as the result she will face unhappy love and failure in business.

If you used a shovel to dig potatoes, the dream tells that you will succeed in many matters. A shovel used to dig a grave indicates that you will not finish your work on time, and your opponents may seize the moment.

A shovel in Freud's dream book is a desire of a man to make love. If the dreamer was a woman, the dream tells that she has bisexual addiction, that is, her mind and thoughts are filled sexual characteristics of male and female. If you dig the ground with pleasure, it symbolizes your satisfaction in the sexual intercourse.

If the digging was very difficult for you, it reflects your fully-featured sexual life. If you forced other person to dig with a shovel, it tells that you tend to believe that your life is a mess and it contains only failures, but at the same time you blame other people around you. If you were forced to dig with a shovel, the dream states that your partner takes a leading role in a relationship, but you want to change the situation. If you observe other people working with shovels, this is an indication of your frustration which is caused by unrealized fantasies and dreams.