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Shred - Meaning of Dream


Seeing shreds in your dream means nothing bad, unpleasant in some cases though. Mostly, its meanings are connected with the atmosphere at work, promotion, relations with the colleagues and coping with difficulties.

If in your dream you’re tearing a fabric in shreds, it cautions you against the intrigues and gossips at work. It represents you in a bad way whether you’re an active part of them (a person who spreads rumors), or passive (there are such goofs who can believe in everything they hear; you won’t be shown in a decent light for them, therefore their attitude toward you may change). It may lead to a serious quarrel with your friends. So, think twice before deciding to slander somebody, even your personal enemy. Is it what you need? What a person will you become in the eyes of your colleagues, people who you see every single day? To vindicate your character will be much more difficult. Think your intentions thoroughly over and act according to conscience.

To sew a shred to some material means that all your problems will be resolved by themselves. You won’t need to make any efforts. You’re lucky! But don’t put on airs about this! Don’t confuse this easy-going situation with the one, which requires active actions from you. It means that you should always look out. Letting things run themselves can be rather dangerous. All the same, you have to control everything. Because it is very easy to lose everything you have been creating for so long. Hope for luck only in despairing situations, where you are not able to interfere in some way anymore. In all other ones rely only on your own efforts.

If you’re seeing a patch-work quilt in your dream, it refers to recognizing and awarding your work under condition that your behavior will be constructive and reasonable. It can be promotion at work, which you’ve been waiting a long period of time for; or making a profitable deal; etc. It can also designate that you’ll learn about the existence of some treacherous business or some family’s skeletons in the closet.

If you’re hiding a shred in your pocket in your dream, it denotes that probably you have some conflicts with your colleagues. We’d recommend you to smooth them over as soon as possible, as they can complicate your career path. There can appear a range of additional troubles on this ground: financial hardship, difficulties in domestic life, etc.

Sewing clothes from the shreds in your dream means that it is time, when you have to face difficulties by yourself. Ask nobody for help. It is a life stage you have to cope with on your own. Don’t look for the auspices. Managing a given situation by yourself promises you many advantages (they may hardly be seen now, but they exist. Try to identify them, and it’ll be easier for you to solve your problems).

If you’re throwing the shreds away, it betokens that you’ll reject some job, offered to you in the nearest future. Whether it is a good or bad decision, you’ll have to define yourself.