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Shrimp - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of shrimps, this is a sign of exotic treats. If you catch shrimps in a dream, it tells that you can rely on your friends, even in a very difficult task. If you dream of live shrimps crawling all over the place, this dream promises extremely advantageous event in terms of the finance. Alas, but you will refuse to take part in it and will bitterly regret after all.

Boiled shrimps portend failure of conceived plans, and losses. If you eat shrimps in a dream, this is not a good sign. Most likely, you are strongly dependent on the opinions of others, and this fact influences your life badly. Try to defend your principles more convincingly. If you order shrimps in a restaurant, this dream promises a profitable position.

In Miller’s interpretation, if you see a live shrimp so close that you can clearly sight all its parts, it signifies that in reality you inherent care in making decisions. Stop and think: perhaps you are missing your chance due to the excessive prudence. If you dream that you catch shrimp with bare hands, the dream suggests thinking about health. If you eat shrimps with beer, this notes that you tend to agree with the opinions of others.

According to Freud, if you ate shrimp, this dream tells that you will have sexual relations with an unusual partner in unusual circumstances. If you are a representative of swell society, then it looks like you will experience intimate caresses of a commoner, and this relationships will be your own initiative. For ordinary people, this dream promises attention of a person, who has a higher social status.