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Signboard - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of shop signboard, it says that soon you will learn about some people in your surrounding who hate you with all their heart. Therefore, they will become the cause of unexpected worries and troubles.

In a dream you a painted a signboard, it foretells that you will be seriously involved in improving own appearance. If the result of your work was colorful and incredibly beautiful, in reality specially trained people will help you to look stylish and interesting.

If you observed the process of making signs, apparently you are used to judge people solely on appearance, without taking into account the person's inner world and other virtues. Be careful, and don't judge a tree by its bark.

Branded signboard on the wall of the building or institution Miller interpreted as useless worries and concerns through bad friends fault. If you read the shopping sign, it bodes you serious troubles in business. The letters on the sign were half-erased, be ready for unexpected news.

Freud said that if you enviously watched the stranger drawing a beautiful sign, dreaming to be in his place, it is an indication that your heart is full of unspent feelings and emotions. Alas, you have no idea where to direct them, because there is no lover in your life. You want to surrender yourself to love, because the main thing for you is charity and self-sacrifice. You just need to feel yourself wanted and loved. If you had such a dream, very soon you will certainly find a decent life partner. It will take quite a bit of time and someone will make your dull existence happier with his/her presence.

If you created a signboard - most likely, you idealize your life, not taking into account objective factors.

The dream book interprets a signboard as a warning about dissemblers, who try to harm you.

If you hang a signboard, it means that you will take part in conspiracy of detractors.

If you tear off a signboard – it means that soon you might make a mistake which will lead to irreversible consequences.

Advertising signboard foretells that you will have a date with a liar.

Signboard which looks rich is a herald of the end of an important matter, false friendship, a vain hope for someone, and generally this dream is not too favorable.

If it is old and ugly, it is a sign of unfavorable news.