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Silver - Meaning of Dream


There are a lot of different dreams where you can see silver items, let’s interpret some of them. Silver, in general, is a good sign. If you dream of silver figures or statues, first of all it symbolizes wealth. If a figure is big, your material condition will noticeably improve.

Silver coins in a dream can symbolize betrayal, and small coins portend tears. Big amount of silver coins means prosperity and great fortune. Accordingly, if you give it to somebody you will suffer material loss; if you find coins and rejoice, it means that in real life you will feel the same.

Girls, who are avid for expensive things and not paying attention to the soul, may dream of gold or silver as a sign of something bad.

Gold, silver and copper coins, dreamed by a man could presage ignoble act that this man will do for money.

Dreaming of a chain, which is presented to you by your loved one (especially if it is made of precious metals - gold, silver, platinum) means that he/she really loves you. So, you better stop doubting his/her loyalty and devotion.

Silver chain is also a symbol of the passion for money. If you dreamed of a silver chain, it is likely that you will have a pleasant conversation with your old and loyal friend. Do not exclude the fact that silver chain indicates joyful events, which you will have in your life.

Dreaming of a silver chain, which is the main object in the dream, means that you can be sure to receive monetary assistance in the near future. After all, this dream means nothing bad, and you will find all chances to make it work for you.

Jewelry is a symbol of wealth. Dreaming of jewelry is always a good sign. If it is made of silver, it means that you will forget about diseases or health problems.

If you dream of plate and dishes made of silver, such dream predicts a meeting with a good and important person, who will make your relationships happy.

Silver ring indicates the position of a dreamer in family and his/her relationships with family and friends; thus, possible changes, which will be experienced in the near future.

If dreamed of a silver ring with impeccable appearance, brilliant and not deformed, it means that your relationship with the family is in order. All the quarrels, scandals, or betrayal will not bother you. Children grow up healthy and obedient.

If you dream of a silver ring on your hand, it means that headship in family belongs to you. If you see it on somebody else’s finger, it means that you are not quite self confident.

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