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Single combat - Meaning of Dream

Dreams with single combat predict both success and failures in your life as well as some shocking events. Each its kind has different meaning in our waking lives.

If you are going in for single combat in your dream, it is a favorable sign. It denotes that you can launch any project now – it will be crowned with success. There is a run of good luck in your life. So, don’t sit back and do nothing, use this time with benefits for you.

Also, such a dream characterizes you as a strong person who can stand up for his/her point of view and dignity in some situations. Nobody can make you do anything that is useless or ineffective. You always adhere to your principles, and that is the main reason why other people respect you and appreciate your point of view.

If in your dream you are seeing or taking part in a boxing duel, it is an unfavorable sign, which foreshadows a failure in the future. It is unknown in which sphere you should expect it. That’s why you should be circumspect and watchful. Maybe, there are your evil-wishers who make up a plan how to throw sand in your wheel. Keep a weather eye open.

Also, such a dream signifies that you may fight with your enemy in the nearest future. Maybe, it will be some of your ill-wishers who do everything possible to let you down.

The same prediction has a dream in which you are watching a boxing duel in some fight club or on TV. Something can shock you in the nearest future. Take this blow with dignity.

Seeing the elements of judo in your dream denotes that you can be involved in some reckless scheme in waking life. It won’t bring you anything, except additional problems. Among them can be the ones with the law. In their turn, they can leave destructive imprints on your characteristic (for example, if you want to find a job).