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Sip - Meaning of Dream

If you see a dream where you make a sip forcing yourself, because the beverage has a nasty smell, this dream indicates that you are unhappy about own life, but you do not take any action to correct it. And all because you have no incentive, as soon as it appears, you will start to change your life.

To drink wine with small sips in a company of a charming beauty and to make explicit compliments signifies that you are ready to meet a new lady in your surroundings, and show your affection to her.

If you drink strong drinks in the company of friends, it foretells that you will have new friends who like to party at somebodies account. So it is better not to meet them too often.

If a woman drinks sweet tea with gulps in a company of her friends, then in reality she will be an object of gossip, because somebody will see her in a company of a young man. All of this information will go to her husband, who will make ​​a scandal. So it is better not to meet men in public places, because it can lead to misunderstanding.

A sip in a dream can be understood as thirst and as uncertainty, so you should pay attention to the story of a dream and actions of a character. If you make a big sip because of thirst, it tells that you don’t have enough information in order to finish your undertaking.

To swallow spit – means trouble; to swallow water – illness; wine - a pleasant acquaintance, especially if a woman drinks it.

Drinking vodka with gulps portends unpleasant events in life, a dreamer would like to release stress with a help of alcohol, but it is better not to do this, as it can become a habit, which will be very difficult to get rid of. So before you grab a glass, you need to think very carefully and try to find positive factors in present situation.

To take a sip of poison foretells that in real life a dreamer will encounter endless string of problems, and there will be a desire to commit a suicide.

If a man dreams that he is drinking champagne with gulps, and he doesn’t get drunk - then in reality he is able to demonstrate business acumen to the management. Because of this, his boss will raise salary and praise in front of others.

The same dream for a girl foretells a new suitor, who will be impressed with by her beauty and will shower her with gifts, which she had never dreamed of. A sip could bode various events, but more importantly, they should be positive, and if the interpretation is negative, you can always retell your dream to water in a glass and it will not come true.