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Skate - Meaning of Dream

Many dreams are completely difficult to understand what causes not only concerns, but also irritability and aggression after awakening. This is explained by subconscious feeling that can’t be interpreted or the prediction which is hard to understand.

Among these dreams is skating. There are many interpretations for ice, skating, sliding and fun. However, if to consider only skating without any details, this dream bodes the loss of jobs in upcoming future. This can also be interpreted as a failed order or a loss (eg, jewelry, tools or even a loved one).

If to consider a dream in more details, it is important to mention where a dreamer skates and how. Dented ice, in this case, portends fraud or betrayal of close friends, colleagues or partners.

It should be noted that ice skating, in most cases, is interpreted as disappointment of loss or fraud. For example, if you just observe other people skating, you will experience the bitterness of loss of confidence in you close fellows or disappointment with idols. However, if you see young people skating, it is interpreted as elation, joy and inspiration from the opportunity to help other people, take care of their health, and so on.

The general interpretation of skating makes people afraid of the future. No wonder, because most of the predictions are related to losses and disappointments with loss of employment, position, draft, friends or money. Also, it may portend suddenly arisen gossip or not plausible actions that are attributed to a dreamer.

In spite of such unpleasant consequences of the dream, or rather the predictions of future events, it is important to prepare for them mentally, and sustain small blows of fate with honor.

If you behave correctly in the given situation, you will be able to change it and achieve considerable success. In principle, for this purpose the subconscious mind allows us to see the picture of events. If you give up and wait, the situation will only get worse, because inactivity and "lethargy" will bring more troubles in your personal life or work.