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Skeleton - Meaning of Dream

Skeleton is a symbol of obsessive fear, fear for your health, or possible failures and troubles.

In dreams the image of the skeleton may indicate a variety of things and may be seen with variety of objects, which sometimes seem unreal and scary. In order to recognize what skeleton means, you need to analyze what kind of feelings you had when you dreamed of it. Maybe you do not even have a fear because of skeleton, and it was just a feeling of pleasure or irritation from presence of this object in your dream.

If you see a lot of skeletons in a dream, it symbolizes the upcoming failure and shock. This dream prepares you for the fact that it will take a lot of both moral and physical strength in order to go through the trouble which will occur to you in the near future.

If you dream that someone presented you a skeleton as a gift, be careful with friends and acquaintances. They may promise you a lot, but then in the most inappropriate moment they will leave you alone with your problems.

Dreaming of a skeleton can also indicate your fears about health. You might feel sick at the moment or just wait for a response to your medical examination, which should confirm or refute the serious illness. Skeleton in a dream can be a sign of real diseases, which you might experience in a short time. It is worth of seeing a doctor to get tested.

If you dream that you are a skeleton, such dream indicates that you have very rich imagination and that you often worry over nothing. You should have more positive outlook on life and then everything will be good.

Dreaming of a skeleton or a lot of skeletons that have surrounded you and try to attack, symbolizes that a business, which you expected to be profitable, will not be successful and you will not have any use of it. This dream is seen as a result of the fact that you are very upset about this situation.

If you fight back the attacking skeletons, and they fall apart from your easy touch, it indicates the overcoming of difficulties or getting trapped into an unpleasant situation, which will be resolved in your favor.

If only part of the body loses flesh and becomes a skeleton, the meaning of the dream depends on what part it was and where you saw a bare bone. If it's a hand, it means that you will lose power to finish your work. If it’s a leg, you might be disable to walk or will lose freedom. If you see skeleton of the ribs, this dream indicates unhappy, destructive love, or heart disease.

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