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Skewer - Meaning of Dream

Skewer has a quite favorable interpretation. If you see pieces of meat on a skewer and you roast it over the fire or hot coals on a grill, then soon you will relax in the nature together with interesting people. This event will be not only enjoyable but also rewarding for you. Trusting relationship that will develop during this stay will have a positive impact on your business. It is possible that you will receive great deals, or will see new possibilities for your old job.

If you remove a skewer to clean it, because you don’t need it anymore, this dream predicts your financial difficulties. If you see a skewer with some unusual objects instead of the usual foods such as meat or vegetables, it indicates that your methods to gain success and promotion are not effective.

Miller said that a skewer predicts separation from a loved one or rupture of friendly relations. This prediction is particularly sad, since it addresses the dearest and close to you people. If you see this dream on Wednesday or Monday night, then you should not worry too much - soon everything will be back to normal, and you'll be able to chat with the people you love.

Often skewer is a sign of the end of the period of luck. Dream book says that after dreaming of skewers, you should not count on an easy fortune. For a girl a skewer has an adverse interpretation. It foretells treason or betrayal by her romantic friend.

In a dream you cook something on a skewer, this week you will have to work hard in order to improve own shaky deals.

If you cook meat on a skewer–you will rest with friends. To roast something on a skewer means to receive great benefits or profits.