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Sky - Meaning of Dream


Seeing clear blue sky in your dream implies that your life will be the same soon– calm, light, stable, bright and clear. You’ll achieve harmony. Many people can only dream about it. You’ll find the way how to balance all spheres of your life. Thus, you’ll devote enough time to each. You’ll be successful both in business and with your sweetheart. There won’t be the obstacles on your way you cannot overcome. Due to your life experience, reasonableness and determination, you’ll cope with them quickly and easily. Moreover, you can always rely on your family and friends. They are always ready to help you. You’ll be a respected person in the eyes of everybody who is acquainted with you. Keep in mind that all this won’t come out of the blue. It is the fruits of your honest efforts. So, don’t sit back and do nothing. You have to begin creating such life right now.

Clouded grey or dark blue sky in your dream has an opposite meaning to the previous one. Such a dream denotes that your hopes are not fated to be brought about. Don’t be upset! Let’s consider it differently. Maybe, it is the sign from the heavens that they wouldn’t be useful if they were realized; they wouldn’t make you happy all the same. Someone from above just protects you from wasting your time. If your hopes don’t justify themselves this time, it doesn’t mean that you’d better not pin your hopes on somebody or something ever. You’ll be fortunate soon!

Grey stormy sky has another interpretation. It suggests that you have a lot of negative thoughts on your mind. Evidently, they are a burden for you. They don’t let you be happy even when everything is really OK because they make you think that there is a banana skin somewhere. How you cannot understand that your life itself isn’t unbearable, it is you who make it such by your depressive ideas. Someone once said that our life consists of the things we pay attention to. Until you don’t want to be happy and carefree, you won’t be.

Seeing different signs in the skies represents that you don’t understand what happens with your life. Probably, you go through hard time full of a great number of unexpected events. Some of them can be rather decisive. You should ask somebody you respect and trust for an advice if you don’t see the situation clearly. This person will specify the direction for you. Also, it may be a sign to have some rest. It’ll be useful for the arrangement and clarification of your thoughts. Also, it’ll facilitate coming to some conclusion.

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