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Skylark - Meaning of Dream

A skylark image in your dreams betokens nothing bad. It has several interpretations.

Seeing a skylark in a dream denotes that you have set high aims for yourself which are quite challenging. Good for you! It helps to develop ourselves when we try to reach something beyond the clouds. You are a person who is not afraid of difficulties. Even though you don’t succeed for some time, you are already a head taller than somebody who has already gained an easily attainable goal. This struggle will bring you not only fame, income, a promotion, but invaluable knowledge, experience and wisdom as well.

If you have been hearing how skylarks were singing in your dream, it bodes uncontainable happiness in future. You will have sound health, live in welfare and good luck will accompany you. You may move somewhere, but you won’t regret about it at all. Also, your business will thrive. Thanks to your sense of responsibility, wisdom and reasonability, you will make your family a well-to-do one. Don’t relax. Think all the time how you can improve your life project not to lose it.

If there were singing skylarks that were living in cloud-land but then suddenly fell down, it signifies that you aren’t satisfied with your life. Probably, you think that you could achieve more. You don’t feel happiness inside. It is the reason for your melancholic state of mind. Try to change something in your life to make it more optimistic. Do what you have always dreamt of. It must raise your self-esteem.

Seeing skylarks that have flown up in your dream designates that your wishes will come true very soon. It is a sign that you shouldn’t give up, no matter whether there is a tiny chance that you will succeed or not. You cannot know what will happen the next second; it can change the whole outcome. Think how regretful you will be if you give up one step away from a victory.

However, if a skylark in your dream was injured or dead, it foreshadows sorrow and misfortune in future. If it is you who have killed this bird, it implies that you will accuse an innocent person. Because of you, he/she will have to pay off with his/her family happiness, well-being, reputation and even life.

If you have managed to catch a skylark and put it into a cage, such a dream means that you will be loved and respected. Furthermore, you will get such an attitude easily; you won’t have to do anything to achieve their liking. Well done. In all likelihood, you are really a good person. Don’t make them disappointed with you.

Feeding a skylark/skylarks from your hands in a dream designates that there will be a situation when you will have to improve your reputation. Apparently, the people who surround you have a false impression of you.