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Slaughterhouse - Meaning of Dream

Slaughterhouse in a dream predicts unpleasant events that threaten your status. If you suddenly woke up because of terrible groans coming from the slaughterhouse, this dream indicates that you have a strong fear in your heart. Try to understand yourself and find the reason for this condition - only then you will win over your fear.

If you dream that you killed cattle with own hands in a slaughterhouse, it is a piece of advice for you: do not grasp at all matters at once, you are unlikely to successfully complete them, at the same time your health may suffer.

If you are playing the role of a noble defender of cattle, in reality you will easily find the way out of even the most complicated situation.

To see blood of a dead animal on your clothes means that unwittingly you will cause a lot of problems to your loved ones.

If you see yourself as an animal in a slaughterhouse, this dream predicts success in overcoming life obstacles. The same for a woman advises to think carefully about own behavior in the community.

Slaughterhouse in a dream book of Miller indicates your caution when making important decisions and concluding commercial transactions. Your advisers or business partners are concerned only about their own benefit, so if you make the wrong decision you risk spoiling your crystal clear reputation.

If you worked in a slaughterhouse, it means that you can make foolish and ill-considered action because of your carelessness, and it will adversely affect your career.

If you watched the animals at the slaughterhouse, this dream promises an unexpected reward or prize.

To see how butchers killed and then butchered cattle and you asked them for a piece of meat means that in the near future you will have to share your property with someone.