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Smell - Meaning of Dream

If your dream is associated with a pleasant smell, then in reality you will have fun and exciting leisure, and will receive positive news. If you feel the sweet smell, it promises a real acquaintance with the woman who will be your troubleproof assistant in business.

If you inhaled the sweet aromas of the pastry, in real life your parents will significantly help you with big purchases.

Unpleasant smell is a harbinger of anxiety and joyless events. Enchanting floral-oriental exotic flavors that attract you in a dream, can turn into deception, lies, and betrayal in real life.

If you were able to accurately recognize the smell - in fact you possess such skills as initiative and intuition that will provide you with the financial well-being.

A dream that your hair has sweet and pleasant smell of perfume, portends that in reality you will be deeply offended by someone’s arrogance. For a woman, this dream indicates adultery.

If someone sprayed perfumes over your head, in reality you destined to be respected and treated friendly.

If you are the source of odor/bad smell, reflects someone's antagonism, and hostility towards you. Strong unpleasant smell of chemicals is a harbinger of discord between friends.

If in a dream you smell the odor of alcoholic beverages, take a look at your surroundings. Not all of your friends are honest with you. If you breathed a gentle fragrance of fresh flowers, foretells joyous events, various successes.

Freud believed that smell reflects your attitude toward intimate partners. Gentle, pleasant aroma symbolizes the desire to develop the relationships. Strong, bad smell indicates a conflict and even breakup.