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Smoke - Meaning of Dream

Usually, the smoke is dreamed by people, who have respiratory problems. But more often, the smoke symbolizes the consequences of any actions done in the past.

The smoke that swirls around you forebodes problems with colleagues who intrigue against you. The smoke says that there has been a mutual misunderstanding among you for a long time. Even if the smoke that swirls around is white, it promises a number of groundless anxiety and worries. Dark smoke mixed with fumes is an omen that soon a run of bad luck will appear in your life.

If the smoke annoys you in a dream, Miller’s dream book says that it is a herald of the possible scandal and disappointment in others. If you like it - that promises wealth and fame; if you got stink out with smoke, it tells that you will suffer from disease which will be treated fast.

If you see the smoke rings in a dream, it is a harbinger that someone wants to confuse you. If you suffocate because of the smoke when dreaming, it is a prediction to stay away from flatterers and deceivers.

If you observe the smoke from the fire, Vanga interpreted it as a grand joy because of unexpected profits. If you funk your home with the smoke, it tells that you are afraid of your future. You do not know own capabilities and you are scared to start something new; nevertheless you will have to compose yourself and make a choice.

If you observe the smoke flowing from a pipe at home, it portends a peaceful, tranquil family life and a full reconciliation of all households.

According to Freud, a thin wisp of smoke heralds a secret love affair that you will hide from others for a long time. If you are completely enveloped in smoke, it tells that your partner is not interested in you as it was before. Also it signals that someone hides his/her true intentions, and you do not notice how he/she is using you for own purposes.