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Smoking - Meaning of Dream

Smoking in a dream represents vices or pleasures that society does not approve. For a dreamer, basically, it is a signal that he/she can get into trouble because of thoughtless behavior and frivolous attitude towards life.

A dream, in which you see a lit cigarette, bodes that new acquaintance will negatively affect your reputation; and good premature conclusions about a stranger would only exacerbate the situation. Try to be more attentive when choosing social circle, and fear the unfamiliar people.

If the cigarette went out, in reality you will have a pleasant meeting with a close friend or distant relative; it is not excluded that you will have a romantic date.

If you smoke in a dream, it portends that you are going to face many difficulties on the way to achieving the goals and making dreams come true. Showing determination and believing in own abilities - is the main thing.

If you put out a cigarette in an ashtray or a bank, it is not a good dream. Very soon you will receive the sad news about close people and will worry about this too much. Your friend may also need your material and moral support.

If you found yourself in a room full of smoke and you feel very uncomfortable, this means that past life will pop out with the most unflattering facts. Chances are that you will be caught with the intrigues or questionable scam.

For a non-smoker, a dreaming as if he/she smokes, says that he/she wants to break the taboos and achieve the desired at all costs. Dream warns that one should not overstep the law and trust unfamiliar people.

A cigarette butt portends a new attempt to renew the old business, which had been suspended for some time.

If you quit smoking in a dream, it portends that you will find the right way out of the imbroglio.

If you smoke very expensive cigarettes, it reflects your desire to get rich at others’ cost.

Smoking of handmade cigarettes indicates that your life is wasted, because you only indulge desires of your loved ones. Because of this, you are constantly on the stretch and deeply unhappy. It is time to reconsider values and attitudes to become a happy person.

In general, when interpreting the dreams in which you smoke a cigarette, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence or absence of tobacco smoke, the specific flavors and odors. If the smoke causes pleasant feelings, it bodes that you will live in prosperity and joy. However, negative emotions while smoking predict the end of happy days.