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Snack - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you bought any kind of a snack, in the modern dream book, it tells that in reality you will have not burdensome, but quite pleasant chores and troubles.

If you personally cooked a variety of snacks, this dream promises that your financial well-being will improve dramatically, and in the near future you will rejoice.

If you decorated the food or snacks and served a table, apparently you are suffering from a lack of attention and care. If the snacks on the table looked so delicious that you couldn’t resist and started to try it, this dream shows that in reality you find it hard to resist the temptations, you indulge your whims in every possible way and care only about own pleasures.

If you treated your sweetheart with snacks, it indicates that you want him to express his initiative and to present you an unusual surprise or a gift.

If you saw a richly served table with a lot of snacks, this dream portends that you will be invited to the party. If you dreamed of few snacks but an abundance of alcoholic beverages, it portends financial problems.

Snacks for the celebration or holiday, which you cooked slowly, signify that you are extremely responsible and meticulous person, accustomed to thoroughly think over every step before making a decision.

According to Miller, a snack in a dream tells that you are too careless about your business. You are messy in managing documentation and not really delve into the intricacies when dealing with important documentation.

If you ate snack completely alone, it tells that you may face nonessential difficulties and losses; if you tried snacks in a fun and friendly company, it foretells the success in business and windfall.

Freud stated that the abundance of snacks in the dream suggests that you are not able to control own sexual appetite. If you see an attractive representative of the opposite sex, you experience the feelings of tremendous power. A small number of snacks predict love affairs with a partner who has delicate health.