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Snail - Meaning of Dream

Few dreams can warn us of impending adverse changes in fate. But if you have been dreaming about a snail, you should know it's such kind of a warning.

A dream in which you watch a snail slowly creeping, warns you that you delay some events in life in vain. Your enemies can take advantage of this and overtake you.

Not to be left far behind, you have to pay attention and show interest in what is happening around. Snail in a dream also could mean hard times or tense situation, which is now formed around you. If you do not take steps to change this situation, everything will only get worse, and little annoyances will grow into big trouble.

Apart from the fact that people want to know what snails mean in a general sense, you can also check the dream with specific situation.

If you dream that you kill a snail, step on it, it is a sign of forced cooperation with unpleasant people. Neither you nor they will experience the joy of working together.

The dream where these creatures are covered with a lot of mucus, means that soon you will be offered a profitable business, but not quite legitimate. You will have to choose what you value more, a clear conscience or pockets full of money.

But you should know that, such dishonest activities are capable of reversing your life and covering you with mud, from which then it will be difficult to wash off.

Dreaming of the snail, can be a symbol of reproach from others. Maybe they want to know you better, and you are by nature secretive and communicate with not many people.

If you do decide to make some changes in your life, the dream does not advise to be in a hurry with that. It is better to carefully evaluate these steps to be sure of your success. Remember: it is better not to do anything in a hurry.

If you dream that you see how a snail is hiding in its shell, in real life you behave the same and this behavior is not accepted by others. Your doubts and your indecisiveness only hurt you.

In a dream, in which you see a snail, even its appearance and size has a great importance. For example, if you dreamed of a giant snail, it means that some person has power over you or tries to control you.

If you see elongated snail shell, it means that you have the patron-woman; if the shell if flat, the patron is a man.

If snail is crawling on you, then you may have an unforgettable experience of strong emotions associated with the events in your life. Do not lose the chance to widen your mental horizons.

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