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Snake - Meaning of Dream


A snake in a dream has many different meanings because an attitude to it is different from culture to culture. Unfortunately, almost all of them are negative.

If you are seeing a crawling snake in your dream, it denotes that soon you’ll find out who is your enemy. He/she will assail you. Keep your eyes open and be ready to rebuff him/her. If this snake is not poisonous, you’ll cope with it quickly and easily; if it is poisonous, the victory will be too hard to win (maybe, even impossible).

Seeing a nest of snakes in a dream is an unfavorable sign too. It signifies that there is a person who sails under wrong colors in your surroundings. He/she is obsessed with anger, envy and malice. This person is ready to do everything to spite you and throw sand in your wheels. He/she can do a lot of harm to your career and well-being. That’s why you should be very attentive. Don’t be naïve; don’t let anybody deceive you. A nest of snakes also reflects your doubts about something or somebody; you aren’t confident in correctness of your decisions.

If a snake has bitten you in a dream, it can be interpreted differently.

However, holding a snake in your arms symbolizes wisdom and pacification; this person puts his/her life in order and tries to harmonize it. The same interpretation has a dream when you see that a snake is shedding. Your life will be renovated and deprived of problems soon.

As we know, a snake is a sign of temptation too. So, if there is a snake in your dream, there is a chance that you won’t be able to resist temptation. If you know that it’ll do only harm to you, try to harness your willpower and hold your own.

A meaning of a dream also depends on a snake’s size. If it is huge, be psychologically ready to a huge misery. If there is a small one in your dream, it indicates that there can be some troubles or conflicts on your way but you are reasonable and wise enough to overcome them easily. Also a small snake in a dream represents your favorable attitude towards somebody who slanders behind your back. Be careful because you cannot know for sure what on somebody else’s mind.

Seeing that a snake is sleeping or a tame snake forebodes success in a professional sphere. Your property and income will be multiplied.

If you are trampling a snake or seeing that it is crawling away, it implies that you are in safe because your ill-wishers won’t be able to do harm to you.

Going somewhere amid snakes suggests that you’ll be full of fears and suspicions. You will be tortured by doubts and uncertainty about somebody or something. It is time for them to fade away.

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