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Sneeze - Meaning of Dream


Sneezing in dreams is a meaningful sign which can be interpreted differently. Mostly, it refers to your private life and the decisions you make outside your office. It may deal with your plans, choices, behavior and attitude to life, character, oncoming danger, desires, etc.

If you’re sneezing in your dream, it means that you’ll have to adjust your plans according to some unexpected news. Perhaps, you’ve planned to go on vacation for the first time during several years, but your children fell sick or it is non-flying weather. Don’t be upset! You can always put it off but not cancel. Maybe, to do it later will be even better, but you’ll realize this later.

Sneezing in a dream also denotes that you tend to exaggerate some situations which don’t deserve such attention from you. You always worry too much about trifles. That’s why you waste your precious time on the arrangements that aren’t needed at all. Of course, there are situations when it is better to make assurance double sure. But you often cross the line. Maybe, you’d better learn how to regard life simpler and how to distinguish an extreme situation from an ordinary one. It will also save your nerve cells.

Sneezing has one more meaning. A dream with such content implies that you are too light-headed about some stuff. You don’t even try to grasp the essence of it. You think that you can rely on your superficial knowledge about the things you must know profoundly, and that is enough. But you’re wrong because you cannot always use other people’s competence. You cannot hope that your work will be done by someone else. At least, it is mean to use somebody else’s help so ungratefully. What will you do when there are no people you can ask for help around? Sooner or later you’ll pay for that.

If you’re seeing or hearing how other people are sneezing, it designates that someone will annoy you to death with his/her visits and excessive attention.

When someone but you is sneezing in your dream, it also represents that he/she is too light-minded and carefree in some situations. He/she obviously underestimates the difficulties he/she may face. In interests of his/her safety and welfare he/she should become more serious. It’s you who can help him/her.

If in your dream you’re sneezing several times in a row and can’t stop, it indicates that you are obsessed with some idea, but time for its implementation is rather inconvenient. If it is really so important to you, find the way to postpone it for some time. But it also can be a fixed idea which contradicts your moral principles or the law. Whether to break them or not is your personal decision.

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