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Snow leopard - Meaning of Dream

Snow leopard in a dream means that your enemy will appear as your friend and will cause your envy and admiration for a long time.

If you see a snow leopard in a dream, soon you will receive news, which will be a complete surprise for you. Only the time can show whether the news is happy or sad.

If in a dream you kill a snow leopard, due to the dream interpreter, it means success in affairs you start, which will be followed by luck. Any deal you begin will be managed easily and without delays.

If a snow leopard attacks you in a dream, it warns you about mistake in situation, which your enemies can use against you.

In a dream you are a winner in the fight with a snow leopard, it means that you will be able to manage any difficulties.

To see a dead snow leopard or its skin means that your life will be calm and pleasant. There will be no disappointments, shock or frustration.

To observe snow leopard’s behavior means that you will need to demonstrate an extreme patience in order to realize your plans.

If you see snow leopard hunting it means that some of your relatives might die. Do not worry; a good treatment will help to go through the disease.

If you see a snow leopard eating its pray, it is a sign of disorder in family. You need to show more love and attention to your family members. In return they will demonstrate their love and care.