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Snow - Meaning of Dream

White snow in a dream portends further strengthening of your health. If you take snow in your hands and start to eat, this dream is a symbol of the collapse of all ideals.

Dirty snow that falls from the sky means that the dreamer's health will worsen.

If you see snow that falls and melts in the dream, it is an allusion to the fact that in a short time you will be free from fears that live in your soul, and you will become stronger mentally.

If you dream of big flakes of snow, then in reality you will have a serious conversation with someone who is particularly close to you, or you even love him/her.

Falling snow in the dream is the personification of excessive personal ambitions, because of which surrounding people who you love may be offended, or your plans remain unfulfilled.

If you make snowballs with falling snow it is a sign that you are burdened by family troubles to much. Most likely, you are dissatisfied with the achievements of your children, although this is a private matter. It is possible that your children will upset you and you will feel very bad.

If you see yourself walking on the white snow, and white snowflakes fly around you, then the dream means that it is time to repent of your behavior and of bad deeds. This dream suggests that it is time to correct own mistakes, which you did a lot.

Dirty snow falling in a dream symbolizes that the dreamer will have to overcome a lot of life tests that require firm approach.

White snow in a dream is a symbol of a sinless person, who does only good deeds.

Blizzard, which swirls white snowflakes, predicts a happy and financially secure life. And if the dreamer is wandering through tremendous snow-banks, then the dream may indicate that his/her life has all sorts of obstacles that will be overcome easily.

And if you clear a road from the falling snow, it means that in reality you are doing good deeds, and help people if they need. After all, people were born to do good deeds in life. If you create snow figurines, it means that in reality you are a boastful and conceited person.

Gray, snow falling around you, according to D. Lohff, refers to both your physical and spiritual cleansing. Dreaming of falling snow, according to Tsvetkov, portends a romantic date or a good time with your loved one. In conclusion, all of the above, it can be noted that the snow falling from the sky, is a sign of purity and liberation from difficult problems.

White and clean snow cover represents a long and happy married life. And if the snow is dirty, then you should seek for physical and spiritual purification.

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