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Sofa - Meaning of Dream

In a modern dream book, if you comfortably sit or lie on a soft sofa, it bodes that you are going to rise through the ranks at least on one step. If you feel uncomfortable on a couch (or you feel its hard springs), it is necessary to take precautions, you are threatened by danger, most likely from your enviers.

If you dream of sofa-bed transformer, it predicts that you will have a brief intimate relationship with a stranger. If you had a dream on Wednesday night as if you bought a sofa, it foretells that someone from your surroundings can become sick.

If you deliberately spoil the sofa, by cutting its upholstery in a dream on Tuesday night, it suggests that you think that your life is boring and you would like to change your environment.

If you make the bed in a dream at Monday night, it is an auspicious sign, this is an indication that you are on the right track. Due to this, in the foreseeable future you will not have shocks or serious troubles.

The sofa in the dream book by Miller can be both a bag and a good sign. Nice sofa in own home or apartment predicts that you may suffer from intrigues of people who are jealous. If you admired someone else's couch, it indicates that you lack of material resources.

Old and dirty sofa warns that you good name may suffer. In order to avoid this, you should exercise restraint.

The purchase of a sofa foretells that your financial position will be strengthened. If you lie or sit on the couch, you might face a vile person from your surroundings. After such a dream, you should pay attention to new acquaintances.

The old-style sofa in a dream book by Vanga is interpreted as a need for rest. This is a warning about depleting vital energy. A new sofa indicates a favorable time to start a new project. After this dream, you can schedule meetings with partners, sign a contract or make bold steps to move up the career ladder.

If you convert the sofa into a bed, it bodes that your management will offer you a vacation or will provide with additional days off. This will be done not because you can’t cope with your duties due to fatigue, but because they appreciate you and care about your health.

If you are lying or sitting on a couch, it indicates that your habits can lead to serious financial difficulties. It is possible that they can also affect your personal relationships, including the break up. This dream may also indicate the missed opportunities.

If you fall from a couch, it tells that you need the support of your friends and family in a difficult situation that awaits you in the near future.

Sofa in Freud's dream book symbolizes unexpected intimate relationship. It can occur even without the initiative on your part. And your partner will be someone you could not imagine in this role. It is unlikely that you will appreciate this event.