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Son-in-law - Meaning of Dream

The son-in-law in a dream does not mean that he will soon become a real member of your family. There is a possibility that such a dream is an echo of presentiment, some conclusions, intuition, and soon these findings will be confirmed by sudden decision of the daughter to get married.

Moreover, it will not be the coincidence, but for the most part the event which you thought of, but did not realize.

Son-in-law portends the upcoming marriage of dreamer’s daughter. That is what the modern dream book says. However there are some speculation and rumors such as: a dream seen by woman portends successful marriage; and if a man saw it – the dream has quite opposite meaning.

In fact, such theories are no more than fabrications of people of different ages and nations. The mankind has always invented useless sayings, wise proverbs and dreams interpretation.

If in a dream a son-in-law asked for your help, it seems that you think that your children set you at naught. They ignore your opinion and don’t talk about their lives. If in a dream you ceremoniously greeted your son-in-law with some important event, it tells that your cherished dream that you had in heart for many years can’t become real, although it seems that nothing can prevent it.

If in a dream you clearly understood that your daughter was not happy with her husband, it foretells that soon you will suffer bad mood and gloomy thoughts, but won’t be able to find the cause of this depression.

If you drank alcoholic beverages with your son-in-law, it bodes that in reality you will blame your children in carelessness and disrespect towards you.

If the son-in-law behaved rude with you, soon you will discover radical changes in your dull existence.

If a son-in-law didn’t perform any actions, this dream portends the upcoming celebration, which will bring all relatives together around one table. If you peacefully talked with your son-in-law, this dream portends an acquaintance with the person who will hurt you so much that you will never want to see him/her again.