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Soothsayer - Meaning of Dream

For a young woman, a dreaming as if a soothsayer predicts her fate with the help of hand portends that in real life she will have friendships with men, but she will never have girlfriends.

A dream, where she tries to decipher the meaning of the lines on someone's hand, foretells that she will earn the respect of people with extraordinary intelligence in her surroundings.

If this is a friend’s hand and this friend has a high position, then she will require the support of friends.

If in a dream you are afraid of the fortune teller prediction, in real life you will easily overcome all the difficulties.

Gypsy, an ancient soothsayer represents hobby of conjectural esoteric practices; deception, doubt, internal contradictions; unexpected news, match; positive event, farewell. Gypsy in a dream is often a sign of a fatal success.

If soothsayer tells your fortune in a dream, it bodes that you have to make a choice between the two fans. Rely on intuition, which does not let you down and you will make the right choice.

The young man, who saw a fortune teller in a dream, will be surrounded with attention of representative of the fairer sex, which will extremely elevate his self-esteem.

Dreaming of a witch or sorceress forebodes that something is up against you, and perhaps because of envy.

To be a soothsayer is a harbinger of meeting with high personages; see them - happy life; talk to them - upcoming betrothal.