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Sorcerer - Meaning of Dream

A sorcerer, whom you see in a dream, portends the future collapse of all your plans and ideas. Luck will turn away from you, and you will not be able to realize even the smallest and most insignificant ideas; therefore frustration, conflicts with business partners and financial losses will be an integral part of your life in the coming months.

If you watched the sorcerer performing black magic ritual, it forebodes that soon you will have a big problem in the very important matter. The cause of your troubles will be the machinations of enemies, who have long been waiting for an opportune moment to do something bad. In upcoming future you will make a small mistake, which your enemies will gladly avail of.

If you see yourself in the image of a sorcerer practicing magic, this is a warning that in many situations you behave too presumptuous. Self-confidence is a positive trait, but you have to remember that all people tend to make mistakes sometimes. If you do not listen to the wiser and more competent people, you will soon make a serious mistake in the important affair.

For people in love, a sorcerer is a bad sign that promises quarrels and separation from a loved one. In some cases, this dream is a harbinger of treason and full disappointment in love.

According to Miller, dreams about sorcerers and witchcraft, foretell fast changes in the outlook and plans for the future life; probably in the near future you will give up some of the misconceptions, and you’ll have new aspirations and dreams.

If you dreamed of a famous sorcerer, then soon you will realize the futility of your irregular and selfish ambitions, and will abandon the idea to implement them in life.

If you observed a sorcerer engaged in carrying out a magical ritual, the dream warns you about future serious danger that can change your plans and thoughts about life values and priorities.