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Space - Meaning of Dream

If a girl dreams that she was sent into space against her will, this dream portends unhappy marriage; for man, this is a prediction of difficult test in life, which he will overcome.

If you observe our planet from the window of the spacecraft, it portends the communication with your old friends whom you have not seen for a long time. A dream about space usually leads to some discoveries or inventions.

If you found yourself in the open space without a spacesuit, the dream bodes serious danger; but if you were saved in a dream, it tells that a danger will pass by.

Firstly, it is important to remember what feelings you experienced in your dream: surprise or composure, joy, security, and so on. The interpretation of your dream depends on the positivity or negativity of your emotions during it.

Dreams may be very different: terrible and beautiful, interesting and mediocre. They can take us into the distant past, or show significant events of the future. People may dream about space, nature, animals, various objects and events. The meaning of such dreams is completely different, because the interpretation directly dependent on the mental state of a person.

For people born in autumn, the space in a dream forebodes impending danger; dreamers born in summer see the space as a herald of becoming the great people.

For winter and spring birthday men, a stay in the open space, foresees the approximation of a bad situation, in which they will be left alone and unprotected.

If you are interested in the interpretation of dreams about space, remember that in most cases, it indicates the approximation to your dreams.

By the way, a dream about space may even not symbolize anything, you just dreamed of seeing the world from a completely different side.

If you saw the space and felt unsafe - be careful. On the contrary, if you were happy and not afraid, then your dream will cause only positive emotions that are sure to lead you to the fulfillment of your long-cherished dreams.