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Spark - Meaning of Dream

A spark in a dream foreshadows an acquaintance with an old love, with whom the relations have long been forgotten. If you saw a bliz in a dream, it foretells the close relationship with the familiar person; you will be the initiator of these relations; at the same time you will be scared of own actions and will retreat, ruining everything with own foolishness. In addition to a pleasant meeting, the spark can mean a good income, a lucrative deal, win, or inheritance.

If you are a blacksmith and you see a lot of flakes of fire, it heralds the upcoming wedding, especially for young and lonely dreamers. For a married person, this dream will bring prosperity into the family, peace and calm.

If you dream of many sparks shooting from the burning flame, this dream may portend a lot of tempting offers and opportunities that may in fact be a simple fiction. If in a dream you saw a grindstone and many sparks around, this dream will bring a great luck in love, which can flare up very strong in a short time. Although the disadvantage of such relationships is that the strong feelings can quickly disappear.

Sometimes a dream that does not bear positive emotions can have an opposite meaning. For example, a person can dream of something bad and the mood becomes bad. But it is worth remembering that such a dream may have a positive meaning.

For example, if you dream of fire, it is a negative dream; however a spark has a positive meaning, foretelling love and welfare.

Sparks are the symbol of fire and flames. Traditionally it is believed that the fire is the element of fierce, and it is hard to tame. Such associations are prevalent for a long time. Therefore, the spark is seen as something dangerous, hiding a threat.

Still don’t forget that the spark is also beautiful and fire is fascinating.

If you see another person working and sparks all over, it heralds deception and absurdity of the situation.

If a spark started a fire, it is a harbinger of a scandal that may arise because of a trifle. If it spreads onto the clothes of a dreamer, he/she will have to make excuses. It is better to extinguish the clothes. In this case, the plans will not be ruined and the detractors will enjoy nothing.

Extinguishing sparks foretells assistance, which your close person will require very soon, and it is important not to deny.