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Sparrow - Meaning of Dream


Dreams are subjective actions that a person experiences while in a dream. Interpreting dreams psychologists can tell the condition of you mental health.

A person stays in the dream on-third of own life. In the dream, all the body recovers, and in the morning a person feels renewed energy. But it happens that dreams warn us about something. Often, they are harbingers of things which will appear.

The dreams can be completely different, so let's understand the meaning of one of them.

Sparrow in your dream is a warning sign. If you see this little bird in the sky, you have to be ready for unnecessary and small affairs, which will appear in the nearest future.

If this bird chirps in your dream, then in real life you are destined to hear small gossip that you will remember for a long time.

If a sparrow sat next to you and chirped loudly, it means that somebody gossip about you a lot.

If you see a sparrow who sat down on your head, this is a very bad sign. Be ready for news about the loss of remote or close relative.

In case, you see a dead sparrow, it means that now is better to be silent and not say anything, otherwise it will turn to be bad.

A very good sign, if you catch sparrows. In this case, the woman has the chance to become pregnant.

If you see a dream in which sparrow beats in a cage, it means that someone is hiding very important information from you. Moreover, if it looks very bad, this secret is quite old, and you'd better not know about it. You will not get any benefit from it.

By the way, it is symbolic if you see a sparrow sitting on the ground without wings it means that you have to be prepared to lose motivation in real life.

Incidentally, it is worth considering the plumage of a sparrow, it can give you the most accurate picture of your dream. Hence, white sparrow, is a sign of fast meeting with relatives.

Generally, in a dream to catch a bird, it is a very good sign. You will be lucky in many spheres. Perhaps your salary will rise. In other words, a run of bad luck in your life have finished. Be ready for good news, and financial gifts or winnings. To see a sparrow in the dream is a very favorable sing- as it's a fussy and restless bird. And this bird in a dream is a sign of pleasant worries and troubles. As they say, vanity of vanities, in short, it is a symbol of everyday routine and anxiety.

A dream, in which there are a large number of birds, usually leaves a good impression. Rustle of bird's wings, the height of the sky, the feeling of flying, all this causes a pleasant feeling. Indeed, if you see many birds in the dream, this dream is usually favorable.

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