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Speaking - Meaning of Dream

To speak or ask anything in a dream foretells that soon you will get an answer to the question that you have long worried about.

A dream about speaking with deceased relatives has different meaning depending on the family member seen in a dream. In any case, this dream is unfavorable when the appearance of dead is distorted with emotions, illness and even decomposition; and favorable – if appearance has enlightened features.

If you speak with a woman, you should be ready for troubles with own health. This dream warns you to protect your health: disease will try to penetrate the mouth, eyes, hips and stomach.

Speaking with a man tells that you must beware of mind diseases (ego, selfishness, etc.), which secondary affect any organ (depending what emotions prevailed during a dream). Disease may penetrate through head, feet, ears and hands.

Speaking clearly promises profit; loudly - joy; speaking with unknown person - loss of a friend; speaking with the dead - a danger, disease; communication in alien language - incomprehensible position.

To hear someone speaking bodes gossip. Loud speech indicates the excess of emotions.

Conversation with a person, whom you do not see, predicts the reception of disturbing news. Talking about death foreshadows health and longevity.

If you stutter, it portends joy. If you are telling stories to other people, you will receive news from them in real life. Speaking long and without stopping signifies that you get a confirmation of the correctness of the chosen path.

Hearing a loud conversation in a dream portends a secret rendezvous. Speak to the audience hints on coming to an agreement with the enemy; a speech from the podium bodes an improvement in the affairs; talk to or hear the babies say something - the fulfillment of desires; talking to the trees –means prosperity and wealth.

If you dream that you speak with invisible face, you will get to know about someone's death or will lose a friend. To speak in own country or own house in foreign language portends getting into the unusual, offbeat situation.

To speak with a fool means to become a victim of a hoax.

If you have a friendly conversation with God in a dream, it promises you to have protection from influential people; if God was angry - in reality you can be condemned.

To whisper means to suffer from gossip.

Communication in foreign language foreshadows great inconvenience and problems.