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Spear - Meaning of Dream

Traditionally, the spear symbolizes enemies or impending trouble. However, there are some nuances. If the spear is broken (no matter in whose hands it was), then the prediction is likely to be fulfilled. Although you will have to make an effort, and maybe even face some danger.

Spear foretells the emergence of friends or unknown foes, who pose a threat to the interests of the dreamer or even his/her freedom. Perhaps, ahead you will face the fight against miscarriage of justice, and will have to defend good name.

The injuries inflicted by the spear portend serious troubles, which will be caused by overt or covert competitors. There is a high probability that they will resort to the help of unscrupulous judges or lawyers.

Many people with spears do not bode anything well. That's definitely a threat, and foes may even get the best of the situation.

The dreams of each person are very diverse and sometimes extremely fascinating. One or the other image can be particularly important, and of course, almost everyone wonder about their interpretations.

In this case, the dream books aid people and assuage certain doubts. Even in ancient times the interpretation was necessarily recorded, and after certain time these records made up special collections, which told about the meaning of dreams. Looking into one of them, you can find out what a spear means in a dream.

A spear or a peak, according to ancient East beliefs portends longevity and good luck in the battle. Every person decides whether to believe the interpretation of dreams or not. But it is undeniable that the images and events seen in a dream have an impact on the subconsciousness. In addition, such beliefs make the boring everyday life more mysterious and interesting.

Do not worry, if you saw a bad dream in which a spear haunted you at every step, or you even suffer a tilt. This may mean that you are ready to take all test of fate. Remember, the belief in own strength can do wonders!