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Splinter - Meaning of Dream

Splinter is a symbol of obsession and molestation. A dreaming of a splinter predicts that someone will try hard to make friends with you, moreover the intentions of this person will be very unkind.

If you just observed a splinter and didn’t feel any pain, in reality you will try to remember exactly who has lately annoyed you. If such a person exists, try to stay away from him/her as far as possible, and better frankly express your attitude towards his/her villadom.

A splinter, for a young girl, predicts that she has an inadequate and envious friend who can spoil her life. There is only one way out – she has to get a splinter out; in other words – get rid of a friend as fast as possible.

For men, a dream about a splinter represents an obsessive girl in reality. It is advisable to fairly explain the girl that she is real annoying.

A splinter for old people advises to undergo an urgent medical examination, because most likely some serious disease lurks in the body. For now, it is hard to notice, nevertheless it is necessary to treat it, in order to prevent complicacy.

If a young child dreams of a splinter, it portends punishment for not doing homework timely or not cleaning the room properly.

If you suffered a lot because of a splinter, but you could not get it out, in reality be wary of society of envious colleagues or acquaintances. If you successfully pulled a thorn out, you can quickly solve the current problems.

If you asked someone to pull it out for you, it tells that in a difficult situation you can rely on a loyal friend. If a splinter suppurated, it tells that you have to be alone for some time.

Miller interpreted a splinter as the barriers and obstacles that prevent you from achieving the desired goal. After several failed attempts you still managed to pull out a splinter, this dream portends successful negotiation of all obstacles and implementation of plans.