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Sponge - Meaning of Dream

To dream of a sponge may indicate the need for purification using friends or other methods.

If you dream that with the help of a sponge you try absorb as much dirt and water as possible, and clean the soiled surface, it tells that you need to learn how to filter information, because not all information may be useful, some of it should remain outside your mind. Therefore, the appearance of a sponge in a dream can become a consequence of the fact that in reality you can’t select the main direction/path of life, which is "littered with garbage" of all kinds.

Depending on what exactly you do with a sponge, the dream can be interpreted fully. If you see a sponge simply as a static object, it may mean that soon you will experience unexpected joy.

It seems that such a simple household object, like a sponge, can’t be interesting in the interpretation of the dreams, but in fact, it is not so simple. Sponge image is subconsciously perceived by a person as an object which is capable of absorbing (moreover, not just water). Sponge can also be a sign that the person is willing to learn everything in the grove.

There is also another meaning of this image, consisting in the fact that this object can be perceived as a cleansing of the spiritual and moral filth.

If a person rubs his/her body with a sponge, it portends that soon he/she will experience surprise and will be able to get rid of some important problems.

According to Eastern sages, a dream with a sponge, for women foretells the emergence of envy that will hinder their advancement towards fame and fortune. And if the woman herself is using a sponge, it means that her bad state is caused by ill-considered actions and deeds.

It is important to try to keep the sponge in a dream untouched, since tearing it would be a bad sign.