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Spring - Meaning of Dream

As in real life spring in a dream personifies something long-expected and desired. The main is that almost all the changes will be positive.

If it is spring in your dream, it betokens that you’ll gain success in all your beginnings. If you already have some idea on your mind, hurry up to bring it to life. It couldn’t be more favorable time for this. Spring forebodes success not only in business area but also on a dating front and family life. Probably, you’ll strike up a pleasant acquaintance with someone special. There are good chances that this meeting will lead to something serious. If you are a married person who has a child/children, such a dream presages your family sound health, welfare and new joyful emotions in the future.

If there is a feeling of spring in the air, it means that your desires and plans will come true very soon. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you may not do a stitch of work. Keep doing everything to fulfill them. Without your efforts you won’t achieve anything. Don’t even let the thought that someone else can do it instead of you occur to your mind.

Seeing a picturesque sunny spring landscape foreshadows renovation of your life. You’ll get an opportunity to turn over a new leaf.

Yet, there are some interpretations which can upset you.

Seeing an early or late spring in your dream forebodes troubles and anxieties in the future. If you have a feeling that it may concern your business affairs, take additional precautionary measures. Pay more attention to the quality and legality of your work. Check your working materials thoroughly. There you can find a mistake which can make you suffer losses in the future. If you manage to correct it, these troubles will keep away from you. Also, to maintain your family hearth, think what your family comes short of. Very often it is not material stuff, but attention and care of the parents or a spouse. Find the way to give them what they want and need.

At the same time seeing an early spring in your dream may have a positive meaning. It may bode you happiness in your affaire d'amour.

Waiting forward to spring coming in your dream is a sign of misfortune. It signifies that your cherished desire is not fated to come true. At the first glance it may be very disappointing, but having had a look at it from another angle, it can seem not so critical. It is just not destined for you. In its turn, that means that some other dream (maybe, even more significant) will be brought to life.

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