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Spruce - Meaning of Dream

A spruce or Christmas tree is a multilateral dream image. According to its look, it can be a symbol of your future success, pleasant meetings with friends and relatives, improving the relations with someone you really care about. On the other hand, it can stand for diseases, hardship and great amount of work.

An image of a spruce in your dream symbolizes your desire to sit back and do nothing. At the same time, you want all your work to be done by itself in a magic way; you don’t want to lose anything or be on the breadline. Don’t delude yourself that wonderful and well-to-do life will come out of the blue. To achieve anything, you have to make hard efforts; you have to be ready to fight for a victory. So, get off your backside and settle down to work!

A decorated Christmas tree in your dream is a sign that your relatives and friends will drop by very soon. Some of them you haven’t seen for ages. That’s why it will be a pleasant surprise for you.

Also, a Christmas tree in your dream is a sign that soon you will become very successful in all your beginnings partly due to the fact that there won’t be any ill-wishers on your way; you don’t even have to worry about their negative influence, they won’t do harm to you.

An opposite dream (in which there is a Christmas tree in your house, but not decorated) is an alarming sign. It foreshadows coming of rough times into your life rather soon. The hardship, you can be confronted by, can affect either your or your relatives’ health, financial stability, harmony in the relations with your sweetheart, etc. Beware of it and don’t let it in!

A dream in which you have been decorating a Christmas tree presages very pleasant pastime. Also, it can be that someone will present you something you’ve always wanted. Don’t forget to show how grateful you are.

If you’ve sawed down a spruce in your dream, it is a bad omen. It cautions you against losses in your life which can be of different kind – financial, material, emotional, etc.

Buying a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve is a sign that your relationships with your relatives will become better. If you are at loggerheads with them, you will manage to smooth some ruffled feathers.

Being occupied with selling Christmas trees in your dream is an unfavorable omen. It denotes that someone from your family can fall ill. So, take a special care both of your and your relatives’ state of health in the nearest future.