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Spy - Meaning of Dream

If you listen to the warnings of a dream and to able to prevent danger, it is possible that a serious illness can be avoided. Also, a dream about a spy foretells a battle with competitors.

If you dream that you spy on your friends and relatives, it is likely that you are going to change the position, and you might be trapped at work under the command of a tyrant and cruel person who will force you to spy on your colleagues and blackmail them. If you are able to rebuff your boss – you will have a rapid career growth.

If a dreamer spies on somebody else for money, it means that seemingly stable situation will be out of control. Therefore, it is necessary to act quickly, and find a solution to the situation. You might require the help of friends, so use it as fast as possible.

There is also a different interpretation of the dream: a spy can be interpreted as a sign of possible danger in the near future. You should beware of possible dangers.

If you dream that you see another person as a spy, who is familiar to you, it means that soon you will know his/her secret, but you have to keep it. Nobody will admire you of course, but you can feel like a decent person with a clear conscience.

Your close person as a spy is a sign of envy his/her envy for no reason. If you let the situation pass you by and do not focus on this dream, soon you will be happy in relations and rich. Spy on a loved one is a sign of frivolity and carelessness.

According to an intimate dream book, if you spy on your partner, it symbolizes the sexual act, or the desire for sexual intercourse. If a spy has a weapon, it means that he/she feels insecure in sexual terms. Such dream also symbolizes a warning about possible mistakes in the future, which can greatly complicate your life.

If you dream that you are a spy and you see your reflection in the mirror, then the dream is interpreted as anxiety, worrying about your impotence, and inability to achieve recognition. If you spy on the phone, it means that there are a lot of jealous people around you, so you shouldn’t show your excessive suspiciousness.

If you dreamed of red-haired spy-woman, such dream is threatening the welfare of your family. This dream is an indication about the impending scandal in the family. It is advised that you should not have a frivolous attitude to the dream about spy. In most cases, these dreams carry a hidden meaning. It is better to remember the details and interpret the dream precisely.