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Squirrel - Meaning of Dream


Squirrel, is a symbol of swiftness and agility. Squirrel, is a small and very restless animal. Its movements are so rapid that it is difficult to follow them. One moment you see it on a branch, next moment it already runs down the trunk. This restless animal is always preoccupied with something and always is in a hurry.

If you just see a squirrel, which just sits and does nothing, it means that you will bother around before arrival of your friends.

If you see a squirrel standing on its legs and holding a nut, and chewing it with enthusiasm, then get ready for the hectic life. After this dream do not rush to acquire anything. Like a squirrel, you can drag something valuable into the house (for squirrel, nuts), but useless (empty walnut).

If you dream that you feed a squirrel out of your hand, it means that you are very alike with it, as in the dream you behave like friends, and it is not afraid of you. So this means that you are almost always very fussy, restless and playful. And all of that makes you happy and pleased.

If you see the squirrel that if restless in jumping from one branch to another, means that you need to take a closer look to your surroundings, someone your friends also jump from one deal to another, and never finish any undertaking.

If you see the squirrel suddenly slips and falls while it’s jumping, in reality, it would mean that one fussy person will try to hinder you.

If you see a squirrel with small squirrels it can mean only one thing, you will have some unexpected troubles with your children.

If you see a squirrel watching fox that sniffs something under the tree, and a squirrel doesn’t run away, this dream will add you strength and confidence, and you will be able to overcome the enemy that constantly interfere you, or at least now it is not dangerous for you.

It is pity if this beautiful creature is seen dead in the dream, but it means that the end for your fuss has come, though you might miss it later.

For a man to see a squirrel in the dream, it is always a warning against frivolity. So be careful in relationships, decisions and purchases.

If a man chaises a squirrel in the dream, it means that soon he may lose his entire fortune and go broke; therefore you should be especially serious and more vigilant after such dream.

For a woman, to see a squirrel, means that she will be disappointment, because she can be fooled and deceived by a completely unworthy person.

In case you see a squirrel, it is worth to be more attentive to new friends and not to trust to the first comer.

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