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Stadium - Meaning of Dream


If you dream that you are a fan on the stadium, it means that your fatigue and malaise will be used by your enemies against you. If you take part in the games at the stadium, it means that you will be able to unravel the crafty schemes of your enemies and achieve your goals without any obstacles.

Dreaming as you stand on the empty stadium means that you will feel the grief and anguish of the past.

If you see yourself on the stadium and there are a lot of fans around you, it means that in reality you are very passive, and this fact does not give you the opportunity to make significant progress. If you participate in sporting events, which takes place on a big stadium, it means that you will set a good example in the education of your children.

If you dream that the stadium is used for other purposes, in reality you will put a lot of effort and invent new methods in order to achieve the intended purpose.

User dream book says that stadium in a dream is a sign of the scandal, disorder in communication with your friends and colleagues, and unstable emotional state.

Empty stadium means that you do not leave the thoughts of the past. If you see this dream from Monday to Tuesday it will bring you love disappointment.

If you play in the team on a familiar stadium, it means that you will spend a lot of time gathering all necessary documentation to proceed in your undertaking.

If you see yourself as a fan in a dream from Thursday to Friday, you will soon become familiar with a pleasant and interesting person. Maybe it is will be your soul mate. Just don’t lose the chance to be happy with a person that finally suits your interests and demands.

If you dream of empty stadium at Tuesday night it predicts frustration and disappointment in feelings, relationship and in your partner in general. If you don’t like the behavior of your soul mate, you better express your feelings, otherwise how he/she can know what you think of this situation.

If at night for Saturday you had a dream that you are a member of the team and take part in the tournament on the stadium, the dream predicts that soon you will have to ask for help people with power, only in such a way you will be able to solve your troubles.

If you dream that you are sitting in the stadium and cheering for your team, then in reality you get acquainted with a person, communication with whom will change your perception of everything around. If you start relationship with this person, you might become a good couple.

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