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Stallion - Meaning of Dream

Stallion in a dream has a lot of pleasant omens. If can be seen in various situations, whether the stallion walks lonely, or you saddled the horse. The dreamer should pay attention to the color and the condition of a stallion. It is important to recall the actions happening in the dream: feeding a stallion, giving it water, combing the mane or washing it.

If to consider the stallion itself, it differs with grace, and plays an important role in a dream. So often it is considered as a manifestation of male dominance. Sometimes, the dream can mean the failures in love, because of the absence of a strong man and his support.

Perhaps a stallion is a reflection of reality, and indeed, now a dreamer will meet someone with all similar qualities. Most often, this can be a meeting with an influential noble man who will have beneficial effect on the fate of a dreamer. If you join the battle on a horseback, it predicts a difficult situation in life, which can be solved only with the help of a loyal friend.

If a stallion rescued you from danger, it tells that your friend will never leave you alone in a difficult situation.

Naturally, if a stallion dies, it doesn’t bode well. But if you watch a beautiful herd, it obviously foreshadows the changes in life under the influence of powerful people.

If you dreamed of a foal, it tells that now is a good period in your life. In upcoming future, you will have the chance to choose the best place in the sun.

If you ride a healthy and beautiful stallion, this dream foretells you a great success. However, the rapid take-off might be substituted with great remorse.

Furious stallion is a sign that you are too selfish and inclined to alienate the people who are really dear to you. Such life position will lead you to the isolation and may involve in questionable entertainment.

If you watch a galloping stallion, it portends good times in reality. So, enjoy it, because it is a real godsend.

If you dreamed of a foal bred by purebred parents, it portends that the money will soon flow into your hands. This is a good omen, but it also warns you of the danger: carefully choose the means to achieve your goals. Ignoring other people’s interests and hurting them, you can reach the material well-being, but it will not bring you happiness and harmony.

Stallion in a dream also presages success in your endeavors. A little cub foal is a symbol of the new opportunities that will open up in upcoming future. Consider a plan of action, use the opportunity that fortune gives you and your efforts will be rewarded fully. Still be careful; otherwise the success will spoil you, and haughtiness and arrogance will become your companions.

A black stallion, according to the modern dream book, is a harbinger of a meeting with influential person, who will introduce you to people of quality.

If a stallion eats grass on the lawn, it is an omen of wellbeing, stable income and achievement of the goals. If a stallion gets on hind legs in front of you, it tells that your beloved one is very devoted and requires the same from you.

If a stallion runs away from you, it indicates your weariness and depletion. It is the proper time to have rest or to go on vacation.