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Star shower - Meaning of Dream

Star shower is quite beautiful and rare feature. In real life a person doesn’t see it very often, however in dream it is more common. Therefore it is necessary to understand whether shooting stars portend good or bad.

In many dream books star shower is a herald of the fulfillment of the desired. It is quite favorable and good sign, which in most cases leads to the performance of the most cherished secret desires. It also states that a person has a romantic mood these days.

Star shower can tell a lot about a person. For example, it states that a dreamer is a romantic and a creative nature who takes all the best from life, and all the difficulties pass him/her by, because he/she doesn’t concentrate attention on them. If you are such a person with similar position in life, you will easily get out of any difficult situation.

If you dreamed of Shooting Stars, and were unable to make a wish, it tells that in reality you can achieve your goals, but at the same time you will spend huge amount of time and effort. Also all your undertakings and projects will lead to success and will bring considerable dividends.

Also star shower portends the acquaintance with a future partner. If you don’t have anyone next to you, you will surely find your partner and will spend the rest of your life together.

If the stars shone brightly, it is a beautiful dream. This dream portends prosperity, well-being and health. And if the stars were dim and purple color, you should get ready for disaster.

If the stars mysteriously flashed and died, it tells that in real life you will also have some unusual changes and moments of mystery. If the star fell right on your head, it portends loss in the family. If the star shower fell on you, it foretells a plenty of long and serious troubles.

A dream, in which you admired the spectacular star shower, is an indication that you need to relax, because you're tired of life and the monotony of everyday routine. At heart you're dreaming of a luxurious and rich life with events, so the usual course of events gets you more tired.