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Stars - Meaning of Dream


Stars are quite often seen in dreams, in a form of bright and fascinating celestial bodies. But very often people see dreams of fallen stars, typically, such a dream can be interpreted depending on the emotions that a person experiences.

Shooting stars are seen by person who will soon be suffering from a serious illness. However, in this case it is necessary to pay attention to the details of the dream. If the stars are falling on the roof of the house, it means, that people who live in it, will soon leave his house. This might be a nice reason, moving to a new home, or conversely, fire or any other accident or misfortune. If a shooting star is seen by lovers, in the near future and they will experience tears of parting, sorrow and separation.

However, if during the dream you were happy and felt positive emotions, such a dream foretells pleasant events, most likely there will be a harmony in personal life, and promotion at work.

Particular attention should be paid to the dream by family couples. For a person who has a family, a dream about shooting star, is a sign of a baby, an heir.

The happiest dream, is if a dreamer sees a shooting star flying on him/her. It means that all most cherished desires will come true, because such stars are harbingers of joy and happiness. After sleeping it is also important to remember how bright the stars were.

If a falling star was much brighter than the other and the sky were pure and cloudless, be ready for pleasant events in life, happiness, as well as news from afar, which can significantly change your life for better. However, if the star was dull and almost invisible, you should be ready for sorrows or even the great tragedies in the family.

Rarely, you can dream that you swallow shooting stars, this dream foretells joy only for magicians and astrologers, for other people, it's a big trouble or even imminent death. If you see a star on the ceiling of you house and then it falls, be ready for disappointment or death.

However, in most cases, a shooting star is a symbol of the end of an important period in a person's life and the beginning of the new one. Therefore you shouldn't worry that something good is over and problems and unhappiness might start. It all depends on the person.

A dream, in which a person catches stars with hands and then it rises back in the sky, is a sign of inheritance or the appearance of an heir, who later will become the head of the family.

Particular importance for you plays a meteoric shower. If you dream of a lot of bright shooting stars, you will soon be very lucky. All the undertakings will be profitable and successful. This dream can also mean a significant improvement in financial position.

Shooting star can predict both happiness and financial well-being, and a terrible illness and impending death. To properly interpret the dream, it is necessary to pay attention to details and emotions that were present at the time of star shower.

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