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Stateroom / Cabin - Meaning of Dream

Stateroom seen in a dream is a symbol of the complexities associated with the public institutions. If you found yourself in the cabin of a ship, it is considered as harbinger of significant trouble, which will soon appear in your life. The event, which serves as the main cause of your troubles, has already happened - it's probably one of your businesses that will be the object of litigation in the future. You might fail to provide evidence that prove your innocence; and therefore you are going to lose the trial.

If you dreamed that you saw the captain's stateroom of a large vessel, this dream portends life events that will develop according to your plan; and soon you will enjoy your holiday in the fun-filled activities with the best friends. If you dreamed of a cabin on a wreck ship, this is an omen of emergency, disaster or a big quarrel with close relatives and it will be the cause for your worries for a long time. This dream must be perceived as a hint to be more careful and take proper care of your relatives.

In Miller’s dream book if you found yourself in the cabin of an airplane, this is a very bad omen that promises you troubles and worsening of financial wealth. Most likely, the problems will be related to the lost cause, which you hoped to be not as rough.