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Station - Meaning of Dream

Station, is a place where people meet and leave. From the station starts your movement towards own dreams, while others, on the contrary, leave it. No matter how it is, but the station has always been a special place, where various emotions are concentrated. Even more interesting is when we see this building in the dream and hear the sound of the approaching transport. Let us now find out, what could the station symbolize in you see it in the dream.

Let’s consider that station in the dream, is first of all a symbol of expectations.

If you are standing at the station and can’t find your transport, it means that in life, you will soon have to make a responsible decision.

If you sit in a building and hear the noise of the approaching train, it means the happiness that you get if you reach your goal. Consequently, the achievement is not far, and you only need to show some effort.

If you see a station, which is dirty and dilapidated, plus you are inside of it and feel anxious, it predicts your imminent separation from a loved one.

If the building is new and beautiful, it says about quite promising meeting with a new lover for you.

In the dream you sit in a chair in a waiting room at the station, and there were nobody around, and you even didn’t hear trains, maybe now you'll get to a dead end in life. Therefore, if you see a station in the dream, expect calm and monotonous boring days, and no spiritual growth.

If you just can’t leave the building and wander around it, this is a good sign. Soon you will find a way out of a difficult situation, the outcome of which will influence your fate.

If you can’t wait (wait impatiently) for a person or your luggage, it is a sign that some obstacle can arise in your way. This dream is a warning, be attentive to your dreams.

Very often station in a dream may be seen on the eve of a trip and only acknowledge the fact that it will takes place. In this dream, you should not seek a deeper meaning. It just means that your subconscious processes the information and produces it in a certain way.

Almost always, the station represents a call to action. It can mean the desire and expectation of change. Perhaps the person had stayed in one place and his subconscious calling him to do something new.

Station, is a vital stage. If a person is sitting at the station, it means that he/she expects something in reality, but it does not happen. If a person is late and runs behind the train, but can’t catch up with it, the desire for change is canceled, life will not change, and there will be nothing new.

If a person is comfortable and quiet at the station, it means that he/she is ready for the imminent changes and expects them.

If you want to run away from the station in fear, it means that you do not want any changes and you are scared of something. You often think about it, and you don’t realize it.

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