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Stinger - Meaning of Dream

If you were stung by some insect in a dream, it foreshadows that some misfortune or evil can happen in real life of a dreamer. In case, if a young girl had such a dream, in the near future she might experience some strong remorse, sadness or break up with a loved together with the termination of the engagement.

If you feel strong pain and you try to remove a stringer without anyone’s help, this dream may indicate that you are not satisfied with your intimate life. Also, such an unpleasant phenomenon may be the reason of partner’s inexperience or because of some individual characteristics of the organism.

It is useful to know the meaning of certain dreams, as they help to avoid many troubles in life.

If you dream of a sting, it tells that you will have such a period in life, when you will have to make excuses and try to whitewash own reputation; you will have to prove to others that you are not guilty, but this would be very difficult.

If a dreamer sees that several insects simultaneously sting him/her, and the stingers are stuck in the body, it tells that a dreamer will face difficulties associated with communication with neighbors or employees at work. Such disputes can last very long and cause a lot of trouble.

If an insect stung and you can’t remove the stinger, then you should be prepared for the fact that there will be some minor troubles in life that can lead to bigger problems. For a young woman this dream may be a warning that she will be disappointed with her close friends, and it all happens because of her trust.

A dream, in which an insect stings badly but there is no visible sign on the body, is a good omen. It just advises to be more careful, and not to trust others a lot.

For a business man, a dream about a stinger is a harbinger of significant losses, and the destruction due to the machinations of other market participants.

According to Freud, if a man saw that he had been stung, it bodes that he prefers same sex relations. For a woman, such a dream indicates her unwillingness to have forced intimate relations.