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Stomach - Meaning of Dream

Stomach can be seen when dreaming as a harbinger of various events in dreamer’s life, most importantly is to remember: how did it look like, and what did you do to it.

If you saw a bad dream, where the stomach played a major role, you should pay attention to the condition of a stomach. If it was empty, it portends that in reality a dreamer will manage the solution of some important matters; and if you were hungry, it foretells the necessity to overcome the attack of jealousy, because of which you risk being involved in a very unpleasant situation.

Often, an empty stomach is seen in a dream as a herald of dismissal from the work, so a person should be ready to accept the circumstances.

If you felt dull pain in the stomach, in upcoming future you will have to cope with various problems and minor troubles. But if you take timely measures, the troubles can be avoided, it is important not to forget the dream and analyze the situation in order to recognize the source of the problems.

As a rule, the stomach is seen in a dream as a signals of gastrointestinal problems, but this is correct only in that case if a dreamer feels pain in the stomach when dreaming.

If you dream of a stomach of unusual color, it bodes a big surprise in reality; moreover, it should be a pleasant surprise.

Minor pain in the stomach, portends domestic problems requiring fast resolution; or else they can develop in something bigger. Often stomach problems occur in reality as well, so a dreamer should take the preventive measures to avoid the disease develop into a more acute type. You should also pay attention to other parts of a dream; perhaps due to them it is possible to find the answer: how to avoid the disease.

If you dream of a swollen stomach, you should be ready for misery in life, or better think how to prevent such turn of events.

If you dream of a full stomach, it could portend additional income, for example, at work a dreamer can receive an unexpected bonus or raise wages. Also, such a dream could bode the rise up the career ladder, or a big win in the lottery or casino. In this case, it is significant to remember how full the stomach was. As a general rule, the more it filled, the larger the cash receipts are.

It is worth noting that the money can arise from the most unexpected sources, including the change of work with several times higher salary. Aimed at understanding the future better, the dreams must be treated very carefully and a dreamer has to remember all the details.