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Stone - Meaning of Dream

Stones symbolize eternity and durability. A dream, in which you saw the stones, can have a huge amount of interpretations. Stones can tell that you need to show confidence and resistance or, on the contrary, that you are too rude and heartless.

If someone throws stones at you in a dream, be ready for gossip and scorn in reality. If you collect the stones, it is a sign that you have succeeded in your work and can now enjoy the victory and own achievements. If you walk on the rocks, you may have difficulties in dealing with important issues.

If a woman dreams of the stones, this dream tells her to demonstrate firmness and patience. Stones can be seen in a dream after a quarrel or argues. This is a sign that she should not continue quarreling, but must simply accept the situation and show resistance.

If someone throws stones at a woman, it is a sign that her friends laugh over her and secretly despise her.

If you dream of a large stone, it hints that you should visit the graves of your relatives. If you dream of small sea pebbles, it promises you a good profit as a gift.

If a man dreamed of stones, it is a sign that he is too rude to close people. He needs to show more care and attention to his loved ones. Stones in a dream signify that parents require care and help.

If you run away from a big boulder, it's a sign that you have complexes and fears, which you definitely need to get rid of; otherwise, they can just tear you from inside.

If a child dreams of stones, it portends quarrels. Most likely, your child will be a party to a quarrel, because of which he/she may lose a good friend.

Stones in a dream portend the overcoming of the difficulties in reality, which does not guarantee success. Many large stones foretell big troubles, scrapes, intensity, and prolonged physical work. Pebbles and small stones portend minor, easily surmountable obstacles in business.

If you dreamed of a roadside stone with an inscription, it heralds the crossroad in reality as well. You must understand how to exist and to choose the right direction. If you walk on the stones, this is a harbinger of fear. If you lift stones from the ground, be ready for hard and low-paid work.

A dream, in which you scramble over the rocks, bruising yourself, scratching and getting cuts, predicts the achievement of a certain well-being after overcoming the difficulties of life.

If you throw stones in a dream, you will inflame a dispute and strain relations with intrigues. Throwing a stone at a particular person in a dream, in reality you may offend an influential person. The splash of negative emotions can lead to unpredictable consequences. If someone throws a stone at you in a dream, be ready for the machinations of the enemies.

If you stumble on a rock, it is a harbinger of a trouble; if you sit on it - the anxious waiting.

Broken stones in your dream signify of the achievement of the target. A quarry in a dream portends troubles with purchasing of the property, and inheritance. The work in the quarry portends poverty, and sadness. Polished stone with rounded corners symbolize prosperity, building relationships.

If the stones are falling from the sky, this dream portends dangerous events of political nature.

In Miller’s dream book, stones foretell upcoming tests and numerous failures. If you manage to walk through the rocky trails, you will cope with difficulties in life as well.

A dream in which you throw stones in response to attack, predicts the triumph of justice, because of your concentration.

Stones in Vanga dream book portend pain, condemnation, and barriers. You are burdened by mistakes from the past, if in a dream you carry heavy stones in large quantities. An influential person will block the way to success, if you dream of hurting yourself when tripping over a stone.

If you see yourself covered with many stones, and you try to get out, this dream foretells some kind of bereavement, and illness. If you dream of a field, completely studded with boulders, you will have to pay for your misdeeds.