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Storm - Meaning of Dream


Storm, is a symbol of loss and failure. However, such a dream can be interpreted differently, only if the outcome of your resistance to this natural phenomenon was successful.

Very often, this dream can be attributed to large losses. It can be both financial loss and the loss of loved ones, including a good relationship between them.

The worst thing is what this dream may predict, is the death of a loved one. But this happens if you were powerless in a dream before the storm.

Another meaning of storm is that you will be able to avoid losses. This will happen if in a dream you could survive storm attack and get out of the storm by yourself or with the help other people. This dream is a warning of future failures and losses, but still you will be able to cope with them and prevent them.

Generally, the storm can predict temporary setbacks in your life. If the storm is little, then you can be lucky at work or in school. Just try not to drag much of attention. Best of all, during this period is to be calmer and moderate while conducting all affairs. In this case, nothing bad can happen to you.

If you observed the storm from aside, it means that all the troubles that you have been waiting for, will pass by and partly affect you. But it's best not to risk during this period, as a storm can suddenly change direction.

If you are trapped in storm, it means that the failures are irreversible. Even if nothing serious happens, still you might experience some annoying and petty losses. Very often this dream says about conflicts, usually internal. This means that conflicts can occur at home or at work.

The dream, where you stay in the epicenter of storm, but feel comfortable, means that you will not take part in the conflict. Perhaps some of your loved ones or colleagues will have a big quarrel, but the only thing you could do is to watch. Sometimes the dream says that you are capable to reconcile these people, but you should estimate the situation first, since the awkward movement or wrong words may drag you inside the conflict.

Most often, sinking ship in storm is a sign of some unpleasant events in the near future. Perhaps some plans will be destroyed and you will not be able to restore them in the future. Such dream is a warning.

This means that if a person uncovers the meaning of the dream, it is possible to eliminate the negative effects. However, this possibility can be provided only if the person has changed some events that could cause a disturbing phenomenon in the future. After the incident has occurred, it will be impossible change the situation.

A dream, in which a person is on a ship that wrecked, indicates trouble in personal life. If this dream is seen by a married dreamer, he/she needs to pay attention to the behavior of a partner; there is a chance of betrayal.

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