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Strangle - Meaning of Dream

If you strangle someone in your dream, it symbolizes your inner struggle, trying to cope with the complexes and free from tiresome obligations.

If you happen to strangle someone, but you do not see or can’t see his/her face, it tells that now is not the best time in your life, because all your energy is spent on solving problems and overcoming difficulties. For you, it is important not to give up, because eventually the run of bad luck will end, you will leave all the difficulties behind and will develop your business.

A dream, in which you tried to strangle someone you know well, indicates that in reality you harbour enmity against this person or subconsciously perceive him/her as a barrier to your cherished goal. You should understand own feelings and get rid of anger and resentment in your heart, or those misfortunes which you secretly wish your enemies, can overtake you.

If a familiar person strangles you, this is direct evidence that this person wishes you evil in life and he/she is the source of most of your problems. If you do not see the face of a person who strangles you, it is a sign that in reality you are suffering from lack of confidence in own abilities and you are afraid to make important decisions, preferring to let the monotonous life take its course. This philosophy can turn your life into a vicious circle consisting of fears, disappointments and failures; and in order to change the situation, you need to manage matters independently. In some cases, a dream about being strangled is a sign of diseases of the respiratory system. Therefore, if you see such dreams often, you should consult your doctor about your health.