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Strawberry - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of picking strawberries with displeasure, thus strongly tired and without eating a single berry, then most likely you used to live with the memories of the past. You often recall your youthful love or failed romance.

If you picked strawberries and ate them with delight, this is a very auspicious dream, predicting bright and positive relationships. It is possible that you will meet the love of your life.

If you looked longingly at the delicious strawberry jam, the dream portends upcoming marriage that will bring you true happiness. Cake with strawberry foretells some joyful event; the drink of strawberries portends love confession or a love note.

Fresh and ripe strawberries in your dream in a beautiful vase standing on the table foreshadow sexual adventures or unexpected joy.

But if you dreamed that you threw berries or flatly refused to eat them, this indicates that you deliberately deprive yourself of the joys of life; moreover, you fiercely resist your luck.

If you plucked ripe strawberries, it will bring you happiness; if you planted strawberries – wait for pleasant news; if you sold it - monetary gain; bought - just condemnation of others.

The sweet berries portend pleasant intimate relations; sour or tasteless berries herald cooling down in relations.

If you were disappointed because the birds devoured the entire strawberry plant - get ready to the chagrin and tears. If the strawberry was stolen, the dream tells that detractors are ready to work great mischief. Unripe berries portend unreasonable jealousy, strife and quarrels. Rotten and spoiled strawberry promises venereal diseases, unplanned pregnancy or divorce. After this dream, try not to get involved in any amorous intrigues, behave decorously and sensibly, and then trouble can be avoided.

In Miller’s interpretation, juicy ripe strawberry is a good omen that predicts a new love and pleasant emotions. Strawberry jam predicts a fascinating love story. Dry berry warns: keep a tight rein on your feelings, or your excessive ardor may deter a partner.

According to Vanga, dreams about strawberries portend great outlook on life and enticing pleasure. You certainly will achieve the desired goal, with no effort. Ate strawberries - harmony in the family; traded berries - the well-being; planted strawberries - it looks like you have a very non-trivial outlook on life.

In Freud’s understanding strawberry symbolizes the sensual pleasures. Sweet and ripe berries predicts that every day you will burn in the fire of passion, anticipating intimacy with a loved one. But the rotten strawberries predict indifference to sexual pleasures and coldness of a partner. If you ate a lot of strawberries, in reality you will spend good time in bed. If you gathered berries - alas, but the object of your desire will not reciprocate.